Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm out.

I'm done with the blog. It has served its purpose.

I'm done with facebook. It has served its purpose.

I'm done with email. Texting. All of it.

I've done with my only connection with the world being through a fifteen inch screen and "comments."

If you want to talk to me, you can call me or come visit. I want to either see your face or hear your voice.

That's all. It's been a good run.

Peace out.


Kathy H. said...

You aren't allowed to quit. How will I get my weekly laugh without a blog post from you?

Jenn said...

If you are serious, I 100% support you. Here Here! Down with all Technology! What ever happened to real socialization and eye to eye contact! I would quit blogging too, but technically it is my journal and I have been told by people I trust that I should do that. I would call you everyday, but I don't think I have your phone #...I guess I will just have to get in my car...see you soon!

michael said...

Ummm I agree with Kathy. It's pretty much the highlight of my week. It keeps me going.=) Ang

Roth Family said...

Not. You can't quit. You are my weekly laugh too. I love it.

Marie Says Yes said...

all i can say is, this had better be a vicious and pernicious lie. because how could i refer to "my internet friend elise" if my internet friend elise NO LONGER COMMUNICATES? you should just... give up everything but blogging. cut back to three times a week. let's think this through... i'm sure we can find a compromise. hugs not drugs, elise!

Tawny said...

Just so you know you were part of our book club discussion last night!! We all miss you and can't wait for you to come home. We are also starting a conspiracy of which neighbor to drive away so you have somewhere to livE!!!
I will call you tonight and tell you this in case your "evil and pernicious lie" is real!!!