Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Weary World Rejoices

Today, I've decided to follow Daring Young Mom's lead by describing our Christmas in haiku form. For your Japanese literary delight, I present:
Christmas Haikus, 2009
Knock knock on the door
Wrapped, shiny presents for kids
How can I thank you?
When money is tight
I'll forever be grateful
For ding dong ditchers
If you couldn't tell from my masterfully crafted poetry, we had some unexpected holiday visitors bring much-appreciated gifts for our kids. One of the things that I hate the most about people doing nice things for me is when they do it sneakily and I don't have a chance to thank them. So, thank you, people who did nice things for me! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
And now, following the lead of a blogger that I can't remember, I offer you Christmas by numbers:
Number of times I burned the crap out of my mouth taste-testing the gravy: 2
Number of potatoes it takes to make mashed potatoes for my entire family: 19
Number of times I superglued the heads back onto our Nativity scene figurines: 6
Number of ding dong ditchers offering holiday cheer in the form of presents: 3
Number of miles I ran to make up for my gratuitous pie consumption: 4.5
Number the little hand on the clock was pointing to when we fell asleep on Christmas Eve: 12
Number the little hand on the clock was pointing to when Macey woke us up Christmas morning: 5
Number of times DJ ran away screaming from the growling, battery operated dinosaur toy that Lisa sent out from Ohio: 1
Number of stray cats that started living in our back yard and I told my kids that Santa sent it because he knew that I would never in a million years buy a cat (no offense, cat lovers): 1
Number of pictures I took with my broken camera: 0


Kathy H. said...

Love reading your blog!

Davis family said...

awesome. Glad you had a good Christmas.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the Haikus. Number of times I cried in the last two days, including your lesson: 4 Thanks for being a cryer like me. Merry Christmas.

elise and co. said...

I hope they were tears of happiness. I am such a cryer when I'm teaching, it's embarrassing. The awful thing about my lesson on Sunday was that they weren't delicate weepy tears, they were the hiccup-y can't even speak because my throat is swollen shut kind of tears. Ugh. Thanks for joining me in the crying so I didn't feel like so much of a geek. Only a true friend does that. :)

Marie Says Yes said...

yay! christmas happiness! number of calories i consumed: 19,543.