Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not a fingah!

We cut down a Christmas tree this weekend. It's a pinion pine and I think it's either an alcoholic or has inner ear problems because it keeps falling over. Yesterday morning it fell down twice. The first time it fell down my back was turned and this is what I heard:


(Chancho was under the tree when it came down. Suspicious? As Macey would say--I think, YES. It was actually the second time the tree fell on little DJ.)

I yelled for big DJ to come help me wrestle the tree off of our two-year-old. I was truly relieved to find that the ornament that my mom gave me when I went into the MTC had not shattered. Whew. That little glass ball had made it through two cross-continent flights, three transfers, and SIX MOVES without breaking. Oh, and Chancho was okay. We brushed the glass and pine needles off of him and he seemed fine.

DJ and I mopped up the tree water, swept up the needles and ornament shards, and went back to our Frosted Mini Spooners, when what to our wondering ears did we hear?


That's right. It fell again, without DJ's help this time. And my MTC ornament finally shattered. Also, in a moment of perfect irony, my Christmas Story leg lamp ornament broke. (Did I forget to mention how classy my decorations are? I also have a sombrero-wearing snowman.) I've never felt a stronger inclination to yell, "Not a fingah!" than I did in this moment, with my Christmas tree lying on the tile, my MTC ornament shattered, and my leg lamp ornament broken in half.

And that, ladies, is the perfect excuse to dump your soggy Mini Spooners down the drain and eat pumpkin pie for breakfast.

(In case you were looking for one.)

(You don't need one. Pumpkin pie is healthy.)

P.S. For those of you who are concerned about my son's safety, DJ secured the tree to our house using a complex system involving fishing line and screws and that will require some post-holiday spackling. But what doesn't?

P.P.S. Here's a cute picture of Tess:


Kathy H. said...

Adorable picture of Tess. Bummer about your ornament. Not a pumpkin pie fan but by you rules I think cherry pie would qualify as healthy too.

Marie Says Yes said...

That is so tragic. And The Leg Lamp ornament, too!??!?!?! NOOOO!!!! You are a good woman. Keep the Christmas dream alive. I think.

elise and co. said...

I say if it contains fruit, it's breakfast. :)

Davis family said...

such a bummer. but elise you always look at things in such a great way. I need to be more like you.

Jenn said...

Your house is like AFV, just tonight I watched 35 falling Christmas trees in 31 seconds. Do they sell Christmas tree anchors? Mmmmmmmm pumpkin pie!

Mianne's Blog said...

Yeah, I'm good :) You're welcome! I should be a professional :)