Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When the dog bites, when the bee stings...

You may have noticed my propensity for silly list making. Today's post is no exception. I apologize for it, but DANG I love making lists.

Today's list I will call Things That I Am Looking Forward To. They are, as usual, not serious. (If it's serious that you're after, you're going to have to break into my house and read my real journal. I've hidden it somewhere really sneaky. And it's one of those ones with a tiny key, so good luck.)

I'm Looking Forward To:

1. The resurrection. You may be wondering why I would include this item on a non-serious list. My reason is this: Hair Maintenance. I have had it with the entire institution. Shaving, plucking, cutting, dying, trimming, washing, conditioning. I want OUT. It goes without saying that when I am resurrected I will have cute highlights and that my eyebrows will be eternally plucked.
2. Next summer. I am already counting down. Only seven more months to go.
3. Jim and Pam's wedding. The episode was last week but I haven't watched it yet. I'm saving it for when I have a bad day. (I know, I know, they are fictional. Supposedly.)
4. New Moon. Perhaps the dorkiest item on today's list. Nevertheless, I look forward to forcing DJ to accompany me to see it in a theater full of giggling, screaming thirteen-year-olds.
5. Disneyland. I don't know when I'm going to go again but I know that I will. And it's that belief that motivates me. So help me, I will go to Disneyland again before I die. I will partake of the churros and mint juleps and wait in the ridiculously long lines once again!
6. Speaking of things Disney-related: The Princess and the Frog (in case you're not a Disney geek like me, it's the next Disney princess movie, due out in the beginning of December). One of the many benefits of having children is that when kid movies come out you can see them without feeling like a total moron. Not a total moron, anyway.
7. I heard that Brian Regan is coming to Tuacahn again next May and if I have to I will sell an organ to be there. Not an organ that you play hymns on. Kidneys. Lungs. Whatever I have two of. Brain lobes. Eyeballs. I am serious about Brian Regan.

I really want to finish this list but I think my kids are in the back yard eating dirt. Monna's kids, too, because I'm "babysitting". Riiiiiight.


Jewels said...

LOL, I am so with you on all of those listed...well except for Jim and Pam's wedding! Sorry, Jim and Pam :)

Rachel Smith said...

do sell an organ if that's waht it takes to see Brian regan...we went last year and I had sore abs for a week from laughing so hard...so good for the soul ya know!
and...have you ever seen the old frog and the princess movie? I think the princess had redish hair and the frog always looked slimey, but man...I loved that one!
And, you just reminded me that I MISSED JIM AND PAM'S WEDDING! how could I be so careless?
Good list, I approve.