Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's hear it for Lisa and Paige!

Until she starts her own blog, I've decided to include updates on my sister, Lisa, and her four-year-old daughter Paige for your enjoyment. Lisa and Paige live in Ohio, which is really far away from where they are supposed to live--Utah. As of our last conversation Lisa had approximately 100 pages to go in the book Breaking Dawn. Paigie was swimming in her grandma's pool. Here are some noteworthy and fun things about Lisa and Paige: Lisa is probably the most generous person I know. She loves giving gifts to people (I'm not 100% sure that she loves it, but WE love it). Also, Lisa is a very good mom. She should write a book about it when she's done with Paige. Paige has one of the strongest spirits of any little kid I've met. She could go on Larry King and make LARRY cry. Paige is very smart and fun-loving. And she has a really cool deep voice. I wish I had one of those. I also wish I could remind myself to finally get around to flipping all of my pictures that are sideways. I apologize to those of you who are getting taco neck as a result of my laziness.

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Mrs. Guarda said...

All I can say is Amen to that. Lisa and Paige, you rock! We love you and miss you.