Saturday, August 9, 2008

Annie Bananie fo Fannie

Isn't she cute? This is one of my nieces, Annie Bananie fo Fannie. I like to think that she and my son DJ are best friends and so I decided to take a minute and let the world know about Annie. Annie is 1/2 Chilean, 1/4 American, and 1/4 American who wishes she was Chilean (that's my sister, Carrie. More on her in a future post.) One of the coolest things about Annie is that, to show the world how much of a Stephenie Meyer fan she is, she grew out her vampire top teeth before she grew out her front top teeth (you know, the ones that are important for biting off bits of hot dog. That's just how devoted a fan she is.) Some of Annie's talents: taking a few steps, yelling loud (and I mean LOUD), smiling really big, and last but not least, flirting. Annie and DJ love to crawl around my house, playing and leaving a path of destruction similar to that of an F5 tornado. We sure love you, Annie Bananie!

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Mrs. Guarda said...

Awww... That is so sweet... If Annie and DJ aren't friend by choice, they will be by force. That's what I say. Elise-- you're the best. Keep on blogging. ;)