Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Animal-Style Cheeseburger

Is there anything else in this world so mouthwateringly delicious? DJ and I drove into town tonight...yes, we left the prairie...and took the kids to In 'n Out for dinner. Feeding a family of five for thirteen dollars is such a miracle. It's like the loaves and fishes but with fried food and paper hats. Anyhoo, I've been itching for an animal-style burger for a few weeks now and I guess the stars were aligned tonight. I left DJ alone with the children this afternoon. I was only gone for an hour. When I returned I found DJ in my kitchen up to his elbows in venison. I say venison because it sounds so much less vomit-inducing than "dead deer meat", which is what it really was. Stinky, bloody, dead Bambi meat all over my kitchen counter. I do not know how he managed to produce so much carnage in under sixty minutes. And what were my kids doing? I contemplated the idea of cooking dinner for about three seconds and came to the conclusion that tonight was the PERFECT night for my long-lost friend, A.S.C.B. (Animal-Style Cheese Burger). It was a wonderful reunion.

p.s. I'm including a photo with this blog, because let's be honest-- a blog without pictures is just words.

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