Saturday, September 22, 2012

cheeseburgers and spray paint - my two loves

I feel inclined to apologize to the people of Washington City who just witnessed me going to town on an animal-style cheeseburger at a public park.
I've been craving it since Seattle, I was starving, and it was AMAZING.

I must be going through a growth spurt.

I can't seem to eat enough or sleep enough lately. And I've been unusually cranky.

I have also been nesting. I have spray painted everything in my house that stays in one place for longer than five minutes. I almost got Chancho the other day. Almost. He's little, but he's fast.
Which reminds me, what does Donald Duck have against Chip and Dale anyway? We've been watching a lot of that lately and it makes no sense. So much animosity in that Donald Duck.

I know what you're thinking. I am certain that I'm not pregnant. This is just a case of regular old, crappy hormones. May they pass quickly.

(I almost forgot. Here's what I wrote this week over at St. George News. Remember when the turkey chased me in Minnesota? Elise 1, Rapist turkey, 0! Boo yah!)

1 comment:

Marie Says Yes said...

Dear Elise,
I have missed you.
It has been so, so long.
Cool chairs, by the way!
May your evil hormones level out soon. Why, why, why? This is our plight.
Maybe you should go get another animal style just for the team.