Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy things

We've had a pretty low-key week up here in Seattle. Here's a bulleted list of things that I'm happy about this week:
  • Lake Warshington. We went there today with some gals from church and their kids. I love sitting on the beach and I love that my children have grown to the point that I no longer need to be hyper-alert like a doberman when we're near a body of water.

  • I'm not in contempt of court! Yay! As you may remember, back in June I didn't show up for jury duty. I had to beg Judge Shumate's forgiveness. I got the official-looking pardon e-mail from some guy/gal named Kelly who e-mailed me on the judge's behalf. [PSA: If you have an androgynous name like Kelly, it's courteous to include some sort of gender-indicating clues in your e-mail so as to make it less awkward for your recipient to respond. "Dear Mr./Ms. Mitchell? No... Dear Kelly? No...To whom it may concern...UGH!"] I think DJ's kind of bummed about it - he wanted me to be in contempt of court so that maybe I'd get arrested so that I could no longer hang his arrest over his head.
  • That's right. DJ got arrested once. We were on a date when it happened. I still hang it over his head when I need to remind him of his place in our marriage. I'm not really happy about it this week, per se, but every so often I think about it and laugh. For the record, I did not laugh at the time. I do remember enjoying a root beer float while I let him sweat it out in the clink, however.
  • Belgian waffles.
At the beginning of the summer we set some family goals with rewards. We accomplished one of our goals last week and this flipping waffle iron was the reward. Hayneses may be lazy, but not when there's the prospect of a waffle on our horizon. On Sunday morning I made honest-to-goodness Belgian waffles. It was a life-changing experience. You may think I'm being dramatic, but that's only because you haven't tried these waffles. [Dear Belgium, If you ever go to war with the United States I won't side with you, but I will feel conflicted because of the waffles.]
  • What would happen if Britney Spears and Jack Johnson had a baby? This: 

I've been listening to her all week. I really like her cover of "Creep." If you're already super depressed you might as well check it out.

I guess that's it for my bulleted list of happy things. Until next time!


Paxton said...

No super stress around water, no kids in diapers and a super fancy waffle maker? It's kind of fun to be done with the baby-making and on to the kid-growing huh? :-)
P.S. did I tell you I have no kids in diapers too? Why sweet freedom! ....but no fancy waffle maker :-(

Anne said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA DJ!! Elise you are a hoot! Please come home. Soon.