Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wherein Elise checks out.

Elise has temporarily checked out. She had a mental breakdown which was timed perfectly BEFORE her trip to California with her girl-friends. Why is Elise talking about herself in third person? She can't say, other than that viewing her life from someone else's perspective helps her keep things in perspective.

It has been a busy, busy, busy (did I mention busy?) couple of weeks. Let's not bother with catch-up. Let's just talk about California, because it was super fun and I want to relive the experience.

We camped on Doheny State Beach. It wasn't camping so much as it was sleeping in a tent at the beach the middle of Los Angeles and showering infrequently. I think I would make a terrific bum - I couldn't have been more pleased with the situation.

We didn't bring any menfolk with us, therefore our meals consisted of grapefruit, salads from Trader Joe's, and Thai food. And we talked about our problems ad nauseum. We put the nauseum in ad nauseum, I'll tell you what. We watched "The Lucky One" and then discussed the wild Alaskan husky dog-ness of Zac Efron's eyes at length.

I just love hanging out with women. Especially this amazing group of women:

And I will mention them because they deserve mentioning - the seagulls. Oh my LANTA, the seagulls:

They were very Hitchcockian.

After this weekend I have a new favorite beach. Corona del Mar. It was clean, beautiful, flanked on all sides by multi-million dollar homes. A line from "Tangled" kept running through my mind the whole time we were there: "Yep. I'm used to it. Guys, I want a castle." Mark my words: When I die, heaven will be Corona del Mar with a concession stand that serves Kneaders French toast every morning and Pedro's Tacos every night.

Now I'm home. Today is Macey's eighth birthday. She's getting baptized on Saturday. Where is time going?! Anyway, tune in next time, I'll have photos of Macey's "bath-tism" and maybe a yummy recipe.
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Marie Says Yes said...

I am so afraid of birds.

kumari said...

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Cathy's Blog said...

I like the sound the sea gulls make but always worried they are gonna poop on me!! I also now always think of Finding Nemo--MINE MINE MINE!!
Glad you got to get away and I love Corona del Mar also!! I am hoping that sometime this summer I can go to the beach, I miss it terribly!!