Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mamma Mia. Here I go again.

So I've been having a Mamma Mia the movie marathon over here. I think it's my new Mother's Day week tradition. That and crying uncontrollably at unexpected times. And eating Australian liquorice by the pound. You know you've reached some kind of hormone ... situation ... when Abba brings you to tears. That "Slipping Through My Fingers" song gets me every time. (I would put a YouTube link on here, but I'm writing from my phone. Look it up. Have a Kleenex handy.)


I was doing school time with Chancho this week when this little nugget caught my eye:

Apparently this is how a child identifies a mother: doughy face, dopey grin, frumpy hair, blue shirt, looking for something.

What do think?


Have I ever mentioned how I love being a mother? Are you new here? I especially enjoy being a stay-a-la-casa mama. I don't care if the world thinks I'm wasting my time. I don't care if people think I'm "not working a day in my life."

Not today, anyway.

I'll be honest, it's not always sunshine and liquorice. I have those days (Saturday morning) when I'm screeching at my children, "I don't WANT to freak out at you guys! QUIT! HITTING! EACHOTHER! Get your finger OUT OF YOUR NOSE!" and then I notice that my back window is wide open for the neighbor's listening enjoyment. Or those days when it's February and I question all of my life choices. But overall I think I have a pretty good gig.

It's not for everyone, but it's for me. The problem is that it passes too quickly. For example, I was taming the shoe pile by the front door today when I noticed my shoe next to Macey's:

When the [bleep!] did THAT happen?!

All I could do was to belt out the Abba and blubber: "Slippin' through my fingers all the time! I try to capture every minute!" Stupid Abba. Stupid giant flip flop. Stupid hormones. And then I stuff another fistful of liquorice in my mouth.

Let's hear it for motherhood. Way to perpetuate humanity, gals.

Happy Mother's Day!

(And, of course, my homage to motherhood wouldn't be complete without giving some recognition to this lady:

She taught me everything I know about mothering, forgiveness, faith, sacrifice, humility, cake, Star Trek, and Neil Diamond. And she brought me into this world, so YOU ALL owe her a big thank you.)
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Marie Says Yes said...

what IS it about that song that is so soul destroying?
children are marvelous, being a mom at home is marvelous, but yes -- sometimes pyschotic.
happy mother's day to you, too, dear friend. i hope you had a good one.
and your mom looks AWESOME! what grandma wears a superman shirt?! an awesome one, that's who!!!

Anne said...

Awww- I love you too Elise! Did I ever tell you I HATE pictures of myself? I had a good day yesterday - thanks for letting us use your house!

Julie said...

Some times I put on my overalls and skip and sing along with Meryl Streep, but don't tell anyone. Mamma Mia makes me laugh more than cry, except when Pierce Brosnan sings. Ouch!

Thank you, SuperMom, for birthing Elise.

Paxton said...

Is it just that time of year? Because abba, glee, Disney commercials and my children yelling in the background have all been making me cry lately! Darn you lady hormones!