Thursday, March 15, 2012

seven posts for the price of one!

Has anyone else noticed the Erasure revival that's been happening on the radio? Do I listen to too much George FM? I'm hearing an unusually high volume of Erasure lately, particularly songs from their album The Innocents, which I listened to on cassette tape ad nauseum in my old Honda. It wasn't even my tape. It was Monna's. I wore that tape out.

Almost everything I pin on Pinterest is food. What can I say? I'm passionate about collecting recipes that I'll never try.

Chancho is currently sitting on the toilet yelling, "MOM! I'm out of toilet paper!" and I'm letting him sweat it out. The kid knows it's under the sink.

Would you guys like to hear something gross but that might make you feel better about yourselves? I gained 7 pounds in California. SEVEN. I didn't know that was physically possible. If a pound is 3500 calories, then I ate an excess 24,500 calories. That's a lot of churros.

Here's what I wrote this week. I I've said before, I feel like I have someone shooting at my feet yelling, "BE FUNNY!" Ugh.

Calories in a churro: 240. I Googled it. I sure as heck did not eat 102.08 churros. Perhaps it was the gummy bears, M&Ms, turkey legs, Belgian waffles, or the soda.

Chancho just got out of the loo, where miraculously he found the toilet paper. It's a miracle.


Marie Says Yes said...

you sort of do have to be funny there, but you DON'T have to be funny here. you can just be elise! i give you permission.
your friend no matter what the humor level,

Paxton said...

look up robot unicorn, a game. the song playing behind it is from Erasure. That's the only reason I actually know who Erasure is. I think because of that game and that song it's gotten back in to circulation, and now they have concerts all over again. Who the heck knew that would happen?

And I feel your pain, when you HAVE to write, it never feels as good as when you just sit and write. How many "articles" do you write in a week before you settle on the one that is going in? Just one? Or do you write at least one a day? That would help you be ahead of things in case you have an off week of writing, also to practice your funny writing skills with less pressure?

Just thoughts.
And I'm glad my picture idea is genius and not borderline paranoid :-)

Anonymous said...

I used to love Erasure but then I went to a concert when I was scared me FOREVER.

Elise said...

Well, you can't make a comment like that without elaborating. What was it?! Drugs? Zombies? You're killing me, here!

Anonymous said...

Several inflatable phallus, tutu's and it looked like Castro Street...I'll tell you more when I'm down there in April