Wednesday, March 14, 2012

one more day

So...we packed up our luggage. Checked out of the hotel. Got on the freeway. And then got back off of the freeway and went to back to Disneyland again because we couldn't help ourselves.

My kids made me take this picture:

Or did I take it because I'm secretly a Star Wars nerd? You'll never know for sure. Everyone loves these things:


We waited in line for an hour for what I though was a ride, but only turned out to be these ladies:

Tess crashed... we came home.

Back to reality.
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Anne said...


Tawny said...

Man. I love that you wrote your phone # on her arm!! Awesome idea, that I would have never thought of, and am now going to claim as my own and use always!!

Meegan Alfred said...

That is BRILLIANT. The number on arm thing...and giving up on going home. Brilliant, I say!

Maggie Hurst said...

Love that you went back and love the number on arm idea.

Paxton said...

Cute kids. Jealousy has overtaken me on the whole Disneyland thing. I know, I shouldn't be jealous, I mean how many people get to live at Disney World for 2 years and go to Disneyland and Disney World multiple times in their adult life... but never the less, I am jealous.
Glad you had fun, and even more glad you got to get off the highway and do it again :-)

Paxton said...

Oh and also, because I do love the phone number on the arm thing, I thought I'd share what I do too (in case I haven't already told you... have I? Suck it up and listen anyway)
I take a picture of each kid on my phone right after we get out of the car to go somewhere big (like an amusement park, baseball game... etc) that way if I need to (heaven forbid) I have a VERY current picture of them in the exact clothes I last saw them in, right at my fingertips.
Is it creepy to plan ahead like that?
Or am I just uber paranoid?

Elise said...

Nope, Naomi. That's an awesome idea. You're a genius. Fortunately I take pictures so often that I generally have some current ones.