Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wheatgrass Juice in the Privacy of My Kitchen

Someone. I need victory music, something in the vein of "We Are the Champions" by Queen. Crank up your ghetto blasters. Behold:
I know, I looks like a plastic cup full of bile. What if I told you that that single fluid ounce of liquid is the result of eight days of the painstaking sprouting and watering and nurturing of THIS:

You would feel pity for me, wouldn't you? Or at least you would humor me in the same way I humor my children when they surprise me with their unique sense of fashion:

(Wheatgrass-growing resolution? Check! And it's only January 19th. I wonder what I'll do for the rest of the year.)

For the record, I have tasted wheatgrass juice before. I used to buy it at the crunchy smoothie store for like three bucks a shot. Drinking it in the privacy of my own kitchen is an entirely different ball of wax. You know what? Wheatgrass juice tastes super nasty when you're not surrounded by a bunch of Chacos-wearing hippies. Today, I was about two grassy burps away from upchucking. Just ask my mom. She watched the entire thing, laughing at me the whole time. Clearly she has moved on from the humoring-her-children phase.

(Guys. Can I just tell you how happy I am with the results of our recent family photo shoot? I am. So happy.)
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Tawny said...

You Are Right... Awesome Family Pics!!

I have never had wheatgrass...ummm probably never will...just sayin :)

Jenn said...

You were so close! It's Lee, but my sister's middle name is Louise...we all have L middle names: Louise, Lynn, LaVarn, and Lee. And that is why all of my kids will have M middle names: Mae, Marie, Marlow (even Annabelle has an M name, but it is a secret!) The next one will be ummmmmm Mildred. Well that is the only M family name I have left, what do you think!

Silly goose you don't just drink the juice by it's self. You've got to add a little, leafy green, carrot, celery and NEVER forget the apple. The apple saves the day!!!

And seriously, did you make those shirts?...and you think you are not crafty. That is most Crafty thing ever! You do realize you can't have any more kids now...if you do the next one will have to have an explanation mark on its shirt!

Snowfire said...
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Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

Lisa/Jim taught me a nifty trick: a banana will hide the taste of anything. Know what's even better? I add chocolate ice cream and subtract the wheat grass. You can't go wrong.

Chaco wearing hippies. Hee hee. Or should it be jee jee?

Elise said...

Jon Alfred, everyone.


Paxton said...

You drank grass? uhm yuck. But I will say I'm sorry I wasn't there to see it!
and I agree with Meegan, chocolate ice cream, minus the grass... awesome! I usually do a banana-thingy in the morning ;-)