Friday, September 30, 2011


Is anyone else really bummed that the satellite didn't crash land in southern Utah? I thought for sure it would. Psht. NASA.

Anyway, what's new with you guys this week? Good news! I think I'm pulling out of that funky funk I've been in these past few weeks. For future reference (in case you or I find ourselves in another slump) these have been the most helpful rungs in my de-funking ladder:

1. President Uchtdorf. I'm too lazy to find the exact quotes online, but in my notes (neeeerd!) I wrote "be thankful for small successes--God notices them" and "everyone has strengths and weaknesses--stop punishing yourself" in large, underlined letters. Let's take a minute and thank heaven for President Uchtdorf, huh? He has his finger on the pulse of your average Mormon mom, that's for sure. Out of respect, I also drew this in my notes:

2. I had an opportunity to scratch my creative itch (without having to bare a child) thusly:

I also learned something important about refinishing furniture. It's a lot like running in that the entire time you're doing it you're thinking "I hate this! Why am I doing this to myself?!" but when you're done you think, "That was FUN! Let's do it again!"

3. My children. They are weird, they smell like puppies sometimes, and one of them (you know who you are) still wears a diaper, but they bring me a lot of happiness:

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Tawny said...

I love the cool stools. Way to de-funkify.

Julie said...

Painted stools are brilliant! I pinned them for future reference:

Hurst Family said...

Agreed- I LOVE The cool stools. You're too cool for school Elise!

Anyhoo- glad your kids smell like puppies too-- one of mine already is that way- I'm doomed soon with 3 boys. I remember my brothers being uber stinky.

In that vein I give you "Kill it Dead: a Natural de-funkifier--so people think you take baths"

Also still kicking myself for NOT buying the chicken poop lip junk when I was in Colorado...hello CHRISTMAS!

Naomi Mae said...

Hahaha! Love you and you smelly kids! Glad you are debunked and I love your stools too! Bravo!

Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

I LOVE your barstools! Also, how very appropriate to draw a pic of an airplane amidst your Pres. Uchtdorf notes. I love his flying stories.

I'm glad you defunked. . .hopefully, I'll join you soon.

Marie Says Yes said...

first off, you take notes. that makes you a spiritual GIANT.
secondly, nice airplane.
thirdly, those stools are the SINGLE COOLEST THING i've seen this week.
fourthly, president Uchdorft (i made up that spelling) is not only incredibly wise, but incredibly handsome. a winning combination if ever there was one.

Jenn said...

Those stools are amazing! The fact that you produced those after a funky 2 weeks is pure wonder! Do your kids fight over which color they get to sit on...mine would!

I'm sorry that I have not been a faithful commenter lately. But I still visit and I still love you, (not your blog) YOU!

Elise said...

Jenn, I actually had them choose colors before anyone even got to sit on one. Macey is blue, Olivia is yellow, DJ is green, and Tess is red. Yeah...I saw those arguments coming a mile away. ;)