Friday, October 7, 2011

slow news week? um, yeah.

This has been the week of making stuff. I have this insatiable appetite for painting and sewing and baking, on the condition that whatever project I start must be completed within three hours and require minimal craftiness skills. are a few of my creations:

Pillow covers made from mismatched fabric remnants and a little frame that I repainted and turned into a chalkboard. I gotta get rid of that chalkboard paint. I'm up to my ears in homemade chalkboards.

Next, I experimented with microwaving bacon:

Who knew that microwaving bacon carried with it the risk/excitement of exploding dishes? Not I. I should mention that that was not my plate. Do you guys have dishes like this? Foreign dinnerware that mysteriously appears amongst your other dishes? I apologize if that was your plate. I actually quite liked it. It was my go-to microwaving plate because it didn't get scorching hot. I guess the bacon pushed it over the edge. Rest in peace, plate. You were a good dish.

[Speaking of bacon, a few nights ago I decided to play a little game to see how well I know my offspring. I asked them a random list of their favorites--color, food, movie, animal, book, et cetera. I tried to predict their responses in my mind before they answered. Ugh, FALL. Anyway, I asked Olivia her favorite animal (which is a two-way tie between sheep and kitties, for the record) and after thinking for a second she asked, "Mom, which animal is bacon?" Heh heh. That apple didn't fall too far from the DJ tree...]

I also made this face:

I pulled that face just for my friend Marie. You're welcome, Marie. Voluntary public humiliation is a mark of true friendship. Unlike INVOLUNTARY public humiliation:

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Naomi Mae said...

Hahahaha! This is why we're friends!
Poor plate! Jordan hates it when I microwave the bacon (BUT if he isn't home when it's done... He can't tell the difference!)

Also the only reason I could tell you my kids favorite colors or animals (Mak's color is rainbow) is because mostly I tell them what their favorite stuff is ;-)

Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

DJ. tee hee.

BTW, you suck. Or, I'm jealous of your mad crafting/decorating skillz. One or the other. Probably the latter. ;-)

Jenn said...

Tee hee, poor DJ!

BTW, the invite that I sent you, TWICE! said to bring your kiddos because how else would you know if they liked it, let alone fit it!! You should have come. Don't use DJ's absense as an excuse, It doesn't work around here. You know I love your kids, so PLEASE bring the whole Horde over.

And yes I will invite you next year too!

And actually I still have a ton of cosutmes so bring them over on Monday after school and they can pick from my stash!

I just don't have any witch hat cookies left :( :( :( :(

MumofElderLarson said...
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MumofElderLarson said...

It is Elise again. I do have to tell you that your stuff makes me laugh.. This plate thing is really funny.. did anyone claim it? By the way it works pretty well to just use paper plate and cook your bacon in the microwave.This also catches a lot of the grease that way.
I am glad I found this blog it makes me horribly happy at times. And yes I am the Elise Elmer from your family's past.. tell them hi again for me ok?
You have a beautiful family. You will probably hear from me some more.That is a warning :)

Cathy's Blog said...

Hi Elise I think I am jealous too of your decorating crafty skills but I am more in awe!! Anyway another great blog page and very entertaining!! Thanks!!