Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just decluttering my brain.

Want to hear something weird, and not in the least bit preachy like last time? Let's discuss pumpkin pie. I am compelled to hoard pumpkin pie at this time of year. I get all panicky because I know that $5.99 Costco pies are a limited-time-only item (right? I never even look at other times of the year). So, I buy pie. And then I eat it for breakfast even though I told Chancho that he couldn't. So in addition to being a glutton, I'm a hypocrite. But you already knew that.

Now, let's discuss The Lift.
I just watched the video of The Lift (you know-- "I had the tiiiime of my liiiiife!") from Dirty Dancing on YouTube. Sometimes I watch it when I'm feeling down. It perks me right up. Anyway, one of the commenters said this: "THIS IS HOW REAL LIFE SHOULD REALLY BE. I WISH FOR THIS MOMENT." In all caps. I have only one thing to say about that: Amen. Life should be like having a sweaty man lift us over his head so that we can fly. Like a bird. And why not bring perms back, while we're at it?

Let's discuss Flecks of Gold, by Alicia Buck. I bought this book (along with a pie) the other night at Costco when the author was signing them. I read it last night and this morning when I should have been scrubbing the toilets. Go find a copy and read it. It's a really fun story. I'm serious. Go.

You're still here? Then let's discuss Tiffany, because I'm in an 80's kind of mood.

This song reminds me of being nine. I loved this song when I was nine. Now I listen to it on my iPod when I run. Tiffany has inspired me to flirtatiously play with my hair more than I already do. (I told you you should've left after Flecks of Gold.)


Jenn said...

Well, I don't read, so obviously I didn't leave...and now I am reminded of the horridly embarrasing experience of the 4 grade talent show when I did a lip sink and dance to that song. Oh dear me, I won't hold it against you, but I wish I wasn't thinking of that right now.

Jenn said...

Jeff just walked by and saw the clip. And he immediately started singing all the words...more than I can remember! He says it reminds him of his first girlfriend! too funny!!!

Marie Says Yes said...

pumpkin pie. mmmmmm....

and thank you for the 80's flash back. it cracked me up, and i really did need that dose of hair molestation. i'm with you. i think i'm going to have to find ways to work that in -- more hands in hair immediately!

my aunt gave me her tiffany tape when she got married. it was one of the big moments of my young life. her little sister, who had posters of cats on her wall (ala angela from the office), thought tiffany was a sinner and i should not accept the tape.
i did.
and loved every moment of it.

p.s. i have written you this novel-sized comment completely free of charge.
p.p.s. my aunt who thought tiffany was a sinner is still like that. she's a little weird.

Cathy's Blog said...

You can have all the pumpkin pie, I don't care for it. I would like to borrow your book cause I cant afford to go buy it and I too like that song by Tiffany. I loaned your Mom a book that Prudence Bice wrote that I bought at Costco and had her sign it. It was actually quite good. Your Mom couldn't get into to it so you may not like it. Mary may have it so ask. Anyway as usual your blog brightend my day...Thanks!!!

Elise said...

Oh, Cathy... I have to confess. But this confession will require a phonecall. :)