Friday, October 31, 2008

And the award for Most Hilarious Bum Shot goes to...

Who doesn't love free candy? Halloween is a big part of why I love America. I'm not really into the skeletons and witches and all of that, but free candy... come on! We had so much fun with our kids. Can't you see it on our faces? I think that looks says it all. Specifically it's saying, "IF YOU KIDS DON'T HOLD STILL, SO HELP ME...". And this was taken BEFORE any candy was consumed. We didn't take any after pictures because my kids were a totally unrecognizable blur of synthetic costume fabric and Smartie dust. I think you seasoned parents out there will immediately recognize mine and DJ's costumes. Exhausted Pregnant Mom and Exhausted Red Sox Fan. Classic, huh? I thought my ponytail and no mascara look were a nice touch. I really got into my character. I was totally nauseated the entire evening. I can't really take credit for the no mascara look, though. I gave my mascara to baby DJ to keep him busy one morning and I haven't seen it since.
And the award for Most Hilarious Bum Shot goes to Macey, who delighted her parents with this little display about every other house or so. My only regret is not sewing a little sign onto her heinie saying, "How's my trick or treating?" with a 1-800 number. That little fuzzy blob in the corner is my niece Annie who was dressed as a chicken and every time Macey would bend over to fix her boots (hence the repeated bum shots) Annie would try to steal her candy. All in all, I'd say the evening was a success, wouldn't you?

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Rachel Smith said...

It sure is a "bummer" when you have to waste precious trick or treating time to fix your wonder girl boots!
Hey...I love your costume! So real and lifelike. I'm sorry your feeling nausiated. PLEASE let me watch your kids so you can take a nap or shop or get a pedicure or something fun! I'd love to.