Thursday, September 11, 2008

We moved!

So, after living on the prairie for a whopping four months we decided it was time to get back to civilization. Actually, the people whose house we were leasing decided it for us. Actually, to be even more accurate, the bank of the people whose house we were leasing decided that it was time for us to move. I'll spare you the gory "Hi, I'm your landlord. Nice to meet you. In six months the house you are living in will be owned by the bank" details. I miss the prairie and the wonderful friends that we made there but my-oh-my it's nice to get back to the big city. Let me tell you, folks, being a three minute drive from a Hot 'n Ready pizza drive through does have its perks. I will never cook dinner again. I'm kidding. I'll cook at least once a week. Like on Sundays. I can't very well pull through the Hot 'n Ready line on a Sunday. Can you imagine explaining that at the Pearly Gates?

Speaking of perks (I was--it's up there somewhere), our new subdivision has a swimming pool AND a hot tub! Do your research the next time you move, people. It pays off. (It may also prevent you from renting a foreclosing house.) We took my sister Carrie, her husband Manny, and her Chilean in-laws for a dip tonight. (I think you officially have to call it "going for a dip" if it's after 8 PM.) It was nice and peaceful for a while and then a gaggle of teenagers showed up and it got a little High School Musical and we got the heck out of there. We are interested in going swimming again, though, for those out there who are interested. Open invitation! The cheap pizzas abound and the entertainment is adequate. Give us a call!

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Rachel Smith said...

Pool and Pizza? Sweet deal...we're in! WE need to do more butta yaki! I'm bringing my table top grill down (it's been wasting away at chad's parents house all these years...not any more) so we can get some serious butta grillng! We could grill poolside and eat pizza! Just what my gut and butt need!