Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Texas, y'all

About a week ago we loaded all of our worldly possessions into this beast:
And my husband drove it 1200 miles. Twelve hundred long miles across three states, with me following closely behind staring at the butt end of that thing:
After a while it became boring to the point of unflatteringness: 
We listened to three books on CD, sang "There Was a Tree" a few hundred times, and ate a boatload of convenience store candy, until finally we arrived at our new house in Austin, Texas. Tess celebrated our arrival by running in circles around our backyard:
I guess we live in Texas now. 

We have been here almost a week and I haven't even met a real cowboy yet. I'm not sure what that's about, Texas. And this is not like one of our fun-filled, rollercoaster-riding, summer vacation moves. We brought the Lovesac. Crap just got real.

Plus, my kids are going to school here like you do when you're a kid. Here they are on their first morning:
Texas, guys. This is really happening. Oh, and this happened:
It looks like Texas has our number. 



Jenn said...

Welcome to your new home!!! What a great backyard! Can't wait to hear more about Texas.

Marie Says Yes said...

I thought you were lost forever. Instead you were moving to Texas. TEXAS?!?! We kind of almost thought about moving to Texas! How will we ever be best friends in real life now!??! You ruined everything! Wait... did I ruin everything??? I think I ruined everything.
I hope you love it. I hope it is a pretty easy adjustment. I like your backyard! Backyards are awesome.
You should continue blogging so I can stalk your new experience.
Your perpetual internet besty!

Tawny said...

I'm glad you got there safe....sucky drive though.

Paxton said...

Texas! I have so many fun and crazy memories of Texas! Hope you get to make some too! :-)