Saturday, July 13, 2013

We {heart} Louisville

Let's pretend that I haven't ignored this blog for the last month and I'll just post a bunch of pictures and we'll be friends again. Sound good?

We have had a fun-filled couple of weeks here in Louisville. We visited Falls of the Ohio state park. There were fossils everywhere and this happened:
On our way home we found an adorable little ice cream shack on the side of the road. Honestly, I do not care how adorable your little shack is if you have good ice cream, but this place had the best of both worlds:
Some time later - or before, I have no sense of time these days - we visited a petting zoo and Macey's every dream came true.
Macey has been begging me, BEGGING ME, to get her a llama. She has thought through all of the details: She will name him Tofu. She will keep him in a shed with straw for a bed. We will bring him with us when we travel every summer. It is a water-tight plan.
Aaaanyway, the petting zoo had several alpacas, which everyone knows is just a smaller, cuter version of the llama. Macey was over the moon.
I have had a long-standing love of ducks. I love their waddling, quacking ways. My dreams came true that day, too:
For Independence Day made our way to Cincinnati to watch the Reds play the San Francisco Giants, but professional baseball players are kinda pantywaists about playing in the rain, it turns out. Here are our best rained-out ballgame pouts: 
Here is a little gem of local culture - the Claudia Sanders Dinner House. This restaurant was started by the wife of Colonel Sanders, the very same. We finally ate some genuine Kentucky fried chicken. It was anticlimactic, unfortunately:
We swam some more:
Finally, my favorite thing to do when we find ourselves east of the Mississippi - drive-in movies. We found a drive-in in rural southern Indiana, about 25 minutes from our house. It was perfect. There was a neon sign, classic cars, lightening bugs, those clunky speakers that you hang on the window of your car, and rednecks. This is one of my all-time favorite summer activities with kids.
We saw Monsters University and ate Junior Mints and Cheetos until we hated ourselves.
 The end.

(If you are in the mood to read my words instead of look at pictures, here is the latest of what I've written for St. George News. I miss my St. George and my chocolate caffeine-free diet Coke from Swig. Really the end this time.)


Anne said...

FINALLY!! You posted. I was parched.
The ducks were awesome.
I hate to break it to you but the chocolate cancels out the 'diet' in diet coke....much to my dismay.

See you in 11 or 12 or 13 days - whatever it takes to get there.
Save me some ice cream!

Liza said...

Hi Elise,
Just read and enjoyed your latest article (thanks to a friend who posted it on her FB page). As a native Utahn (SLC, transplanted to SG about 18 years ago) and Mormon, I totally agree with everything you said, though I think we need to shoot a bit higher and go for a Nordstrom and a Cheesecake Factory, too (who knows, now that we have a Chick-fil-a, anything seems possible!
Enjoying your blog and will be watching for you in the Target parking lot!
: )