Monday, May 6, 2013

ballet, pierced ears, and the day I was 6'3"

Dearest friends, family, and Creepy Internet Stalkers,

It has been another week for the record books at the Haynes house. Macey and Olivia had their ballet recital. Here they are before the show looking not nearly as nervous as I was:
This was Macey's number. It was called Music Box Dancer or something like that. She is just to the left of the dude with the buzzed head:
And here is Olivia. She did a Chinese ballet dance. We live in a glorious time in the history of the world, do we not? All of these cultures and styles of dance combining into something so overwhelmingly amusing:
Olivia is the second dancer from the right. Her back is facing the camera. I know, I know. This is the best shot I got. No judgment from you, Internet Stalker.
Macey turned nine this week. Here she is with the Brave cake which she requested:
 And here she is with her newly pierced ears:
She has been begging me for a year and a half or so to get her ears pierced. I surprised her by checking her out of school and driving her to the mall to have a stranger shoot stainless steel posts into her earlobes with a little gun. For fashion. Like I said, it is a glorious time in the history of the world.
My "little" six-foot-four brother, Johnny, and his wife Elizabeth came for a visit this weekend. Here is Johnny teaching my mom how to shoot her gun. My mom has her concealed carry permit and a little .38 special. Don't mess with grandma. She doesn't even need a gun. She's also handy with a wooden spoon. Take my word for it.
Don't worry - these guns aren't loaded. They are practicing their "presentation," which is gun-speak for pulling your gun out and pointing it at things as quickly and efficiently as possible. And when I say "things" I am referring to my Arnold Friberg painting of George Washington at Valley Forge.
Last and probably least. I'm not big on these silly mirror self portraits that seem to be all the rage on the Internet of late, but here's a silly one that I texted to my far-off husband:
The caption read: Today I'm 6'3" and there's no one here to complain about it. :(
I do not wear my 5" heels often, because of both the impracticality and the fact that when I wear them my husband develops an inferiority complex. I love those heels. But I would much rather have my husband here.


Marie Says Yes said...

Creepy Internet Stalker = Me!
Beautiful pictures of you, btw!

molleelamb said...

You said internet stalker because of me, didn't you? Well, I'm coming out and saying that (no, not THAT coming out) 1: I love your blog posts for all your sense of humor and take on life reminds me of home when home was little St. George and sluffing class with your sister and those were good times for me even if they weren't the best of times for everyone and 2: Where do I get some of those 5-inch heels? You look amazing in them and I'd like to look that good and be... oh I don't know, 6'6" in them!

Elise said...


1. You are SO not the internet stalker to whom I was referring! Besides, I love my internet stalkers. I appreciate feeling stalk-worthy.

2. I miss when everyone's home was little St. George. Do you recall the time when you and Meegan let me come with you to Vernon Worthen park to eat a chocolate cake? And then you guys got in the car and drove away? Without me? And you kept driving past me, taunting me from the rolled-down windows of your yellow Volkswagen? Yes, good times were had by all. And I have not forgotten. I will never forget. Bwa ha ha!

2. My 5" heels are from Ross. You should get a pair, too. They're great fun. Not "ditched at the park" fun, but still fun. :)

molleelamb said...

Ugh. To think I ever ditched you at the park... forgive me? I'm so glad we all get to grow up! Hopefully you arenot scarred for life. And if you are, just rremember Meegan claims to be the one bad influence in my life. ;-)

Ross and I need to have a date. Though that is the kind of store you need to spend an hour (or more) in to feel like you really cased the joint to find a few useful things.

Paxton said...

I love wearing ridiculously high heels! so much fun! (only in small doses though... not an everyday thing!)
your girls are so cute!