Monday, November 14, 2011

Tupperware destruction and wild arm hair

It's a shame you're not a part of my family. You just missed a truly momentous Family Home Evening wherein the father of my children backed over a piece of Tupperware to demonstrate the consequences of being run over by a Chevy. I think it made an impression. And rest easy, it was a Tupperware with a missing lid.

Guess what else happened today? We had parent-teacher conferences. These are always a good time. I enjoy looking at the artwork and writing and report cards of my children. Here's a little gem from today:

"My dad is a hero. He sells security systems." I love it. Here's the letter about me:

I may not be a hero, but at least I'm "really tanned."

As a reward for his work as a sales hero, DJ won a watch that is so large that he's announced that he will eat Thanksgiving dinner off of its face. I tried it on tonight.

I think I'll always wear obnoxiously oversized accessories because they make my arms look petite. Unfortunately, it does nothing to draw attention away from my primate-like arm hair. Another handy thing about this watch is that I can tell what time it is even when I'm in the kitchen and DJ is in the foyer. Or Canada.

Finally, to round out the day Tess passed out on the Lovesac.

I'm next, I think.
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Jenn said...

Oh, I think I want to pass out right now too...let's go to bed.

But first I must say, I need to take lessons from your hubbies FHE tonight. We had a very short and sweet scripture thought because Sammy begged us, while Jake went crazy due to lack of sleep (if we had left him much longer he would have ended up like Tess) and Lyla through a tantrum about...oh I don't even remember now. Anyway, I need to take lessons.

Naomi Mae said...

So the FHE theme being, don't stand behind a Chevy truck?
And I really want to pass out on that luv sac right next to Tess.
...she is breathing, right?

And someday when I'm not home, or it's not overcast (silly Washington weather) I will totally call you back again. Promise!

Marie Says Yes said...

dearest elise,
my life is not the same without you in it. i MUST get to a computer more often. today i was in st. george and i thought "one of these danged days, i'm going to hang out with elise WHILE I'M HERE." it was an awsome thought.

your kid loves you so much she GOES NUTS?! that's amazing. that says so much. seriously.
and what petite arms you have. i myself am blessed with copious amounts of arm hair. at least it's blond.

and finally, can i be in your novel? you inspired me. i should like -- carpe diem -- or something. but not the herb garden. that was last years idea. you only have to make me a minor character, by the way. just put me in there.


Tawny said...

So. Yeah I tried to Google search for a spin class. But either I am retarded, or there aren't any. I know it is the former. So as with my complete lack of salon knowledge I am, again, turning to your greater wisdom.;)