Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yay! I got tagged for one of those games where you post a random picture and (WHEW!) it's not an embarrassing picture! Let the fun begin! The rules are...

*Open your first photo folder.
*Scroll down to the 10th picture. (if you dont have 10 in that one, then go to the next folder that does).
*Post that photo and the story behind that photo on your blog.
*Tag 5 friends to do the same

It's Chancho when he was five months old. I think I took this picture because it was the first time I put gel in his hair but you can't tell because his hair is translucent. Trust me, it was cute.

I'm not going to tag five friends. Instead I've decided to do this: "HEY! FIVE OF YOU! POST A PICTURE OF YOURSELF!" Now we'll see who responds the fastest. What fun.

I'm feeling so special this week! Not just because I was tagged in a fun picture game but because I was asked to participate in a CDC survey about birth defects. I know, right? How could I not feel special? It was actually really cool. If your definition of 'cool' includes doing an hour long phone survey about your eating habits from June 2008 through May 2009. Cool, huh? Nothing spells humiliation like someone asking you how many servings of chocolate you eat in a week, on average. And then having to answer honestly. I had to tell her about my Marshmallow Mateys addiction in horrifying detail! She actually asked about my cold cereal habits and the specific brands I ate. And how many times I ate them per week. Good thing she didn't ask about the size of bowl I used.

Participating in that painfully embarrassing survey reminded me of high school. I took this statistics class my senior year and we learned all about surveys and what makes them meaningful and margin of error and correlation and blah blah blah... But what I remember most from the class was this guy, Richard, who sat behind me the whole year. He had this bizarre habit of saying, "JUDAS!" whenever something irritated him. You know... Judas. Only he said it, "JewwDUSS!" with a heavy St. George accent. Like Mr. Ward would give us a lot of homework and I'd hear Richard behind me: "JewwDUSS!" Or the power would go out: "JewwDUSS!" Or the air conditioner would kick on: "JewwDUSS!" You get the idea. All year long.

So all through the survey I could hear Richard in the back of my head.

Survey lady: "Ms. Haynes, in the three months prior to becoming pregnant and the first three months of your pregnancy how many times would you say that you ate Marshmallow Mateys cereal? Once a month, once a week, more than once a week, twice a week, three times a week, four times a week, five times a week, six times a week, once a day, or more than once a day?"

Me: (thinking) "JewwDUSS!"

Me: (responding) " least once a day."

It went on that way for an hour. On the bright side, they are giving me twenty bucks for participating. You know me, there's not a lot I won't do for twenty bucks.


Marie Says Yes said...

Ms. Hayes, how often did you think of strangling the phone surveyor? Jeww-DUSS! you're a saint. marshmallow maities forever, buddy!

Davis family said...

awesome to get $20. but that would be awful to have to talk about what you ate your entire pregnancy for an hour. yikes. you are amazing. still waiting for a phone call saying you are bringing the kids to me while you shop.

Tawny said...

I totally remember the marshmallow mateys Kick!! If I had to take it the question would be, "Now how many times have you stolen a pickle off the lunch plate of the cop who works at your school!!!!!"

Jenn said...

Oh, my I know your pain! I took that survey because of Annabelle! Have they offered you the second payment of $20 bucks for a Sample of your DNA! Jeff wouldn't let me do that, he didn't want some random company to have hold of our DNA...who knows what they would do with it, or what they could do to us!!!! Tee Hee.

Jenn said...

Check my blog...did I make the top 5!

elise said...

Yeah, we got offered the $20 for our DNA. I'm totally doing it. I should probably worry about a government agency having our DNA...but twenty MORE dollars?! Heck yes, you can have some DNA! Do you know what $20 buys?! That's like FIVE bags of Marshmallow Mateys. :)

Cathy's Blog said...

Hey Elisey Linna, I must say that I have never enjoyed reading a blog page as much as I have yours. You are such a great writer and so funny!
I cant wait to read the next blog. Thanks for sharing.

Cathy's Blog said...

Hey Elisey Linna, I have never enjoyed reading a blog as much as I have yours. You have a real talent writing and you are so funny. I cant wait to read the next one.