Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Uh Kish!

So, how's everyone's summer vacation going? As you can see, the Haynes family summer has proceeded as follows: wake up, feed Tess, feed other children, clean up food mess, feed Tess, change eight hundred diapers, repeat. I haven't seen the sun in days.
On the bright side, Little DJ has finally warmed up to baby Tess. About ninety times a day he whines, "uh kish!" at me. This means that he wants to give Tess a kiss. [Another ninety times a day he yells, "UH JEWSH!" and then throws his empty sippy cup at me. Translation: "Mother, you are beautiful, intelligent, and I love and respect you. I appreciate that you have forgone a career outside of the home in order to care for me. Would you please fill my sippy cup with juice?"]


emily said...

elise you are hilarious! i love your posts they crack me up:) man you hit my life right on the head...feed, clean, diapers, repeat! i-yi-yi! your baby is sooo sweet!

Jewels said...

DJ's translation is stinkin funny! Ah the good ol days...I miss it so so much :( You think I'm kiddin...but sadly I'm not

Davis family said...

You are hilarious! I love that you help me find humor in all things. Your kids are precious!!