Monday, March 11, 2013

Puerrrrto Rrrrrrico!

Whenever my friends go on trips I love vacationing vicariously through them. I love looking at all of their pictures and basically being a creepy stalker. I am running on the assumption that you do, too.  Today I have A LOT of pictures for you. These pictures are not in chronological order or in order of importance since I am too lazy to drag them around the screen. A week on the beach will do that to a person.
Puerto Rico was wonderful. Here is a compilation I have labeled, "Random Crap We Saw on the Beach":
 A tractor, toaster oven, a sad homeless dog, a very rare scorpion-tarantula-crab hybrid, and some other things.

I call this next grouping, "Things that I loved about Puerto Rico: the beach and pina coladas."
This deserves its own picture:

It is mofongo - a Puerto Rican dish comprised of mashed plantains stuffed with meat and onions and stuff. I could eat mofongo every Sunday for the rest of my life.

Here we are waiting to go to dinner with DJ's big boss man (the man responsible for sending us on this little holiday, as well as our livelihood - who was spotted walking around the hotel in a t-shirt which read "Trust me, I'm a salesman." I hope I am so cool when I am a multi-millionaire).

 Here is what my kids were doing at home:
My poor mother watched my kids all week. She did the carpooling, the ballet, the homework, the laundry, the boiling of macaroni and cheese noodles, and much more. She deserves the Nobel Prize Purple Heart Medal of Honor for sainthood. They should make one of those.
Here is the view from our hotel room balcony:
Our resort backed up to the El Yunque National Rain Forest. (Wouldn't that be "The THE Yunque National Rain Forest"? Yes, it would.) Every night we opened our balcony door to let the moist rain forest-y air in and to listen to the frogs chirp. DJ SWORE he could whistle at them and they would respond.

One thing that this trip succeeded in was reminding me why I love DJ:  because he is partially insane. I present exhibits A through F:

Remember how I said that these pictures are not in order of importance? I lied. I saved the best two for last. Here is the piece of seven-layer chocolate cake which I ordered from room service and ate in bed:
If that is not the definition of heaven, I don't want to go to heaven.
Finally, this:

I mean seriously, seriously love it.

The end.

(P.S. On a vacation-related note, this week I wrote this thing about how I've never been to the Grand Canyon. Yes, it is true. Don't judge me. Hop on over to St. George News and have a read. I am sort of embarrassed about this.)


Tawny said...

Wowza!! Looks awesome!!
I am glad you had so much fun, and I'm only the littlest bit jealous. Ok that's a lie, hugely jealous, but mostly of your kids awesome bubble bath! ;)
We will be at the park around 3:30 today and tommorow if you wanna come play! :)

Sarah said...

Love the Spectrum column. I remember having that same epiphany when my college roomie / San Francisco native came to visit SLC. I looked up all the tourist stuff, realized I hadn't done any of it, and treated her to my first ever trip hiking Antelope Island and viewing wild buffalo while getting caught in the middle of an August lightning storm. Definitely impressive. It also happened to be her first lightning storm, so all around a solid Utah tourist experience.

(FYI -- San Fran had never had lightning until then! Now it has, thanks, I believe, to global warming.)