Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pictures Instead of Words...okay, maybe a few words...

Our kids at Lake Harriet.
Tess really wanted to go to Cabela's for her birthday.

Tess simply loves Cabela's. Can you tell?

Fortunately, DJ and DJ were there to protect us from the wildlife.

Here is Tess attacking her birthday cake.

Post-attack happiness.

After the cake mess was cleaned up I took the kiddos to Bryant Lake. I spent the whole time wishing that I had hair like Olivia's.

Tess spent the whole time wishing she could go back to Cabela's.

The end.


Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...


1. You DO have hair like Olivia's. Jerk.
2. I love Tess's cake. LOVE IT. I wish I was there for her party...
3. I, too, love Cabela's. There. I said it. Mock me if you dare! You're too far away for me to give you an indian burn if you do...

I miss the'oh! I hate pluralizing!

Cathy's Blog said...

Love the pictures! I cant believe Tess is already a year old!! I too agree with Meegs that you have hair like Olivia's. I always wished I had hair like you and Meegan.

Marie Says Yes said...

does creating such amazing birthday cakes for your children fill you with overwhelming self-love? 'cause it should. for real.

danielandjamaica said...

Hey! Tess's cake is SO cute. And I too wish I had Olivia's hair! Haleigh just donated her beautiful locks, we've all had to convince Daniel that they will grow back! :)
So what's in MN for the summer? Fishing, I suppose? Will you be back after the summer?
Have a good one!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Tess!! I loved seeing her teeth! And I loved seeing you! She sure is lucky to get to go to Cabela's for her birthday! Jeff is Jealous!