Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On college and basketball. But not college basketball.

I'm officially finished with my first two days of classes. I feel so very collegiate. I've had one epiphany since starting my life as a college student. It happened in English class when the professor told us that we would have to start a blog and post on it at least twice a week.
"Students," the professor said, "You're going to have to start a blog and post on it at least twice a week."
I stood up and with my fists on my hips like Wonder Woman (but without the boots and sex appeal) said, "You mean I could have been getting college credit for blogging?!"

And now, an angry letter in honor of my e-friend Marie who also likes to write letters. Tonight I played my first basketball game after a twelve year absence from the sport. I played my last game under duress in high school P.E. class. Tonight I played after being coerced into it by my well-meaning Relief Society first counselor. Enjoy.

Dear Basketball,
You suck. See ya in another twelve years.


Kathy H. said...

Gotta love church ball! So does this mean you will be blogging at least twice a week from here on out. One can never get enough of your blog post. I love when my blog list shows an update from you. I know I'm in for a treat.

Marie Says Yes said...

dear elise,
i am so PROUD of you for writing that nasty letter to basketball. church ball deserves all the nastiness you can give it!

Davis family said...

I welcome blog posts two times a week!! can't wait to hear all about college too.

Rachel Smith said...

back to school...back to school...
(must be sung in adam sandler's voice)
Hey....I am so very proud and a tad bit jealous that you are going to school. So...any cute boys in your classes? did anyone pick on you??? throw spit wads at the back of your head??...just give me names and I'll have my people take care of them!
Well...While you go to college to gain more knowlege, I stay home and pack chad yet another pp&j sandwich for his school lunch (cafeterias are WAY overpriced you know) and perfect my Thomas The Tank Engine drawing and Mr potatoe head building skills with Bridger!
Oh, and thanks for the reminder that I should NEVER be coaxed into church bball...I can handle the swollen arms after a vollyball match, but the embarrassment I would suffer from a basketball game would be more than my self esteem can bear!

Jenn said...

I really want to see your Wonder Woman pose some day! She's my idol. I swore off Basketball a long time ago! I am proud of you. Oh and I am proud of you going to school too!