Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No German Shepherds?!

All right, ladies, time to brush up on your giant inflatable bouncy castle safety rules. Here goes:

No scissors. Check. That one's a no-brainer.

No googly eyes. Check. (Welp, Tess, I have some bad news...)

No wearing a dress that poofs way out from your body and makes you look pregnant. Check. (Or is that "No being pregnant"? Or maybe it's "No being one of those little peg people from the Game of Life")

No being from Switzerland.

No wearing a watch.

No bouncing with giants. Or little people. Are you sensing some discrimination? I am. First the Swiss, now the giants. Imagine how you'd feel if you were a Swiss giant.

No flying through the air and landing on your head without bending your legs or arms. I say, if this is a feat that you are capable of, more power to you.

No German Shepherds?? Wha??? Who ARE these people??!!

No cheeseburgers and a drink. Easy peasy. I should be able to abstain for at least an hour.

No loafers. Finally, something we can agree on. (Imagine if you were a Swiss giant wearing loafers...)

Now that that's all cleared up, here are some cute pictures of my kids and their cousins hanging out at Jumpin Jacks today. My sister Lisa is The Fun Aunt. She's visiting us this week from Ohio. She organized this trip, paid for everyone, and then played with the kids the whole time. Fun Aunt Lisa, you need to move home!


Kathy said...

Love it!

Jewels said...

Oh my gosh...you crackin me up! That was a hilarious interpretation of the rules, it would be a blast to play games with you!

emily said...

that was funny! cute post:)

Rachel Smith said...

I can't stop laughing! You really need to submit this stuf to a paper...the columns need a fresh writer!
That reminds me of the Movie Marly & Me..seen it??? Yes- I cried for about an hour straight after it! Chad watched it last night and cried too. Blasted animals.

Rachel Smith said...

Help! I need to know how to make your yummy halibut cheesy covering. Someone paid Chad in Halibut and I'm dying to make it the way you did. I'll be calling...just you wait!